Financial arm of the CCP that moved R$ 30 billion is disarticulated by the Federal Police

Operation King of Crime blocks R$730 million in bank accounts of 73 companies linked to the criminal faction.

The Federal Police disbanded a ‚financial arm‘ linked to the CCP that was composed of more than 73 companies. In addition to search and seizure warrants, the ‚King of Crime‘ operation that broke out on Wednesday (30) seized R$730 million in bank accounts linked to the criminal faction.

According to the police investigation, the Bitcoin Profit was laundering money through the companies that belonged to the criminal group. The scheme, used for ten years, involved a network of gas stations.

Operation King of Crime

In this fourth (30) the King of Crime Operation against criminals involved with the faction known as the First Command of the Capital (PCC) was launched. In addition to 13 preventive arrest warrants, another 43 search warrants were part of the operation, resulting in the seizure of real estate, vehicles, money and even luxury goods belonging to the gang.

According to the Federal Police, two helicopters were also seized by Operation King of Crime. Among the luxury items, a yacht and three water bikes were also described among the assets seized during the police operation.

A significant number of cars were also collected with the operation, such as 58 trucks and 42 tow and semi-trailer vehicles. Only those vehicles that belonged to the PCC are valued at R$32 million, according to the Federal Police.

In total, more than 200 police officers participated in Operation King of Crime, who served warrants of arrest and search and seizure in three states, according to a Federal Police statement published on Wednesday (30).

„The warrants, issued by the 6th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo, are being fulfilled in luxury flats and companies in the cities of São Paulo/SP, Bauru/SP, Igaratá/SP, Mongaguá/SP, Guarujá/SP, Tremembé/SP, Londrina/PR, Curitiba/PR and Balneário Camboriú/SC“.

Financial arm

The police operation against the CCP led to the blocking of R$730 million in bank accounts related to the criminal faction.

In addition to the money blockade, assets were seized by the authorities that belonged to the financial arm of the criminal group, disjoined with Operation King of Crime.

According to the police operation, 13 preventive arrest warrants were issued, but in total 20 people are investigated for involvement in the financial scheme denounced by the Federal Police.

Businessmen in the fuel sector

Operation King of Crime focuses on the investigation of financial activities related to the CCP’s criminal group. With the action, fuel entrepreneurs are accused of involvement with the financial arm of the criminal faction.

In addition to the fuel businessmen, the investigation was aimed at finding a suspect known as a German. Meanwhile, the 73 companies under investigation will be interdicted at the request of the Federal Police.

„All of them, a total of twenty indictees, will be answerable for crimes of criminal organization and money laundering“.

The action on the financial arm also points out that one of the investigated companies participated in the grand theft of R$ 164 million from the Brazilian Central Bank, which took place in 2005 in Fortaleza – CE.